What children need to help fall asleep
May 28, 2021

This week we are back with another spotlight, covering one of our favorite books: The Fairies!

This is a wonderfully illustrated poem about the magic time of the evening, and falling asleep. To some children this can be an anxious experience, when they don’t know what is on the other side. Almost all children will struggle with the bedtime process, unable to disconnect from the excitement of the day. Children appreciate when sleep becomes a known and comfortable experience. In our book, as nighttime begins, little magical fairies appear to comfort and help our little hero to get cozy and drift off into the wonderful world of dreams.

Nightly bedtime routines — getting into pajamas and picking up a favorite book are a wonderful way to disconnect from the day and start entering the wonderful world of dreams. The Faeries helps the child develop a comforting sense of routine by using their eyes, nose, mouth and fingers. This invites joy and comfort to their bedtime experience. Parents know that the most important thing their child can have is a sense of safety with the world around them.

The watercolors give the illustrations a feeling of timelessness- it reads like a story from our childhoods, yet remains fresh and interesting. The classic presence and serene atmosphere in the drawings feel familiar and comforting to a child. This is a story that will help them ease into bedtime, consoled by the beauty in the pages.

The Fairies, as well as many other beautifully crafted stories, is going to be available soon in a monthly book subscription box that gets delivered straight to your door.

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