Is there trust in today’s children’s books?
November 12, 2021

Many parents report being anxious about picking the right children’s books for their little ones. In the past the companies that dealt with children carefully curated their content, and as a result parents did not have to exert a lot of effort to double-check exactly what their kids were consuming. Today that’s no longer the case. Due to increased commercialism and other factors, children’s companies sometimes do not have children’s interests at heart. There isn’t much work done in vetting and curating children’s content, and no one is really making sure that only the best and most suitable products are made.

The result of today’s culture is that the burden has shifted to parents to become the ‘experts’. You have to read every single book, to make sure that you find one that’s good for your child. Companies will produce both the good and the bad, and leave you with the work of having to filter the good from the bad. But who has time to read everything, and make sure everything is ‘okay’ just to get something new for their child? Parents are busier than ever!

Thus parenting today is in a sort of contradiction. Parents don’t have the time to sort through the mass amounts of ‘children’s books’ dumped on the market. But they need to check and verify more than ever before. The child’s mind is at stake, and nobody wants wrong messaging and commercial motives in anything having to do with their kids. That’s at least been our impression. If you also struggle with this issue, let us know!