Good for Kids

A vast library of carefully selected cartoons and books, with wholesome values that are suitable for children.

Dedicated to helping parents find content with good values for their children.

Delightful stories keep the child entertained, with vibrant designs, and captivating narratives.

Parent-centric features like time-limiting, and easy discovery, help to navigate, save time, and protect children.

Our company was founded by parents who stumbled into the problem of a real lack of quality content for children these days. We all remember the great cartoons and books from our own childhoods, and wondered why children can’t have that today. So our team set out to remedy that problem!

What We Have:

Trusted classic cartoons

Kind. Wholesome. Uplifting.

Enjoy our library of hundreds of Classic Cartoons. We’ve gathered a huge list of favorite classic cartoons which cannot be found anywhere else. The trusted shows bring you the wholesome stories your whole family can enjoy.

Classic Wholesome CARTOONS

+ No ads

+ Hundreds of shows

  • Huge library of classic cartoons with wholesome stories.
  • Each cartoon is checked to be appropriate for children.
  • Time-limiting controls help parents manage watch time.
  • Discovery features help to quickly find new content.

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Exclusive Children’s Books

Richly illustrated. Deeply Inspiring.

Burst offers an expansive library of original children’s books for ages 0-6, filled with stories designed to entertain, encourage, and inspire. Subscribers receive two new books every month!

Exclusive Children’s BOOKS

  • Timeless stories. Richly illustrated, and deeply inspiring.
  • Large library of original children’s books, for ages 0-6.
  • Filled with stories designed to entertain, encourage, and inspire.

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