Let’s be the best parents we can be
April 23, 2021

Being a parent in a time where the internet is everywhere is a daunting task. Children have access to all the content they could ever imagine at the click of a button, making it difficult to know what to filter out and what to introduce your child to. These days, children’s entertainment is vastly mindless, consisting of poorly written TV shows, empty YouTube videos, and bland books.

Being a parent means doing everything possible to teach your children about life and how to be a good person. However, if they are getting inconsistent messages from the media they are consuming, our impact as parents becomes a lot smaller. What we really need is more companies that back us up, and tell the stories we would want to be told, immersing our kids in a world of media that fits exactly with what they should be exposed to.

For me as a parent, it was crucial to craft the Burst books with the parent in mind, creating a product that is wholesome, engaging, and family-oriented. Children’s books need to be a support system for the morals a parent teaches. This helps the child to apply lessons into different situations, strengthening their critical thinking skills and reinforcing good values and habits.

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