How books can change a child’s life
May 21, 2021

In the last 5-6 emails we have talked a lot about children’s media: about how important it is to give our children the best role models and inspiring stories. You may be wondering what specifically that looks like. Take for example our book, The Boy and the Brook:

This is a story about something simple, yet precious. In a vibrant and immersive visual world, we tell the story of a boy who talks with the brook, and learns about the value of patience, mindfulness. The boy wants to splash and play, but the brook teaches about calmness and thoughtfulness.

This rhyming is simple, but the language of peacefulness and kindness is irresistible. By the end of our story, the boy has learned about the value of mindfulness, and is ready to settle down. The story ends with him getting into a cozy bed of sleep and restfulness, while the gentle music plays on:

Here we help children find a note of quiet peacefulness, in that busy world of ours. With a bit of inspirational beautiful imagery, and musical language, children can understand that there is more to life than just a rush to yet another destination. These beautiful illustrations by a russian artist Ekaterina Goncharova carry a vivid visual language that comes from real-life watercolors, giving the world a tangible sense of reality.

When our subscribers get books like this in their mailboxes every month, the feedback is incredible. What books can you recommend to us that work like this in making children’s lives better? Let us know!