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Cartoons you know

Watch your favorite childhood cartoons with your kids. Share memories and life lessons you would love them to know.

Hundreds of shows

Enjoy our library of hundreds of Classic Cartoons. We’ve gathered a huge list of favorite classic cartoons which cannot be found anywhere else. The trusted shows bring you the wholesome stories your whole family can enjoy.

Designed for parents

Timer features help you control how much time your child spend on the screen. Advanced recommendations save you the effort of searching for new content. Age filters provide just the right, age-appropriate cartoons for your child. And more!


We used to struggle to find wholesome cartoons online. Now I’m no longer worried about what my kids are watching!

Robyn S., York, TX

My sons love watching the classic Sinbad cartoons! The jokes and good values make me feel like my sons are having a wholesome time!

Felipe S., Southampton UK

I finally found a trusted cartoon source for my kids to watch without the need of my supervision. I love how many shows and movies the app has, we never run out of things to watch!

Manal H.J., Los Angeles CA

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