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Exclusive children’s books. Timeless stories.
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Our Books

Burst offers an expansive library of original children’s books for ages 0-6, filled with stories designed to entertain, encourage, and inspire. Subscribers receive two new books every month!

Our books are carefully designed for children aged 0-6, to captivate and inspire the growing mind of a child. The rich full-page illustrations from world-class artists help bring these stories to life. Our original books are exclusive to Burst- you won’t find them anywhere else!

We understand the hectic life of parents, having to always search for more children’s activities. Our  company was built with you in mind. Our books are sent to you every month, nothing needs to be done!

What You Get

  • Two new children’s books every month.
  • Inspiring, heart-warming stories.
  • Thoughtfully designed, delightful to explore.
  • Rich, full-page illustrations, good for ages 0-6.
  • Thick pages. Premium laminated covers.
  • First access to our upcoming cartoons app!

6 Months

  • Two books every month.
  • Our best deal.
  • Renews in 6 months.


3 Months

  • Two books every month.
  • Good all-around.
  • Renews in 3 months.



  • Two books every month.
  • Simple and easy.
  • Cancel any time.


October 15th, 2021

The kids were so excited to get these in the mail. The packaging the books came in was so cute the kids knew it had to be something for them. The pages in these books are a much thicker and greater quality paper than I’ve ever experienced with paperbacks. The stories were really sweet and the illustrations are beautiful.”

—Becky Harbour
mom of little readers

October 12th, 2021

“Burst Books are a great addition to a child’s library. Pairing original stories with beautiful illustrations. Giving readers a chance to use their imagination while learning as they read. Would recommend to all.”

—Robin Ambrose
founder- Hands That Unite

October 10th, 2021

My first graders love Burst books! Super colorful illustrations on heavy- duty, kid-friendly pages- the class and I always look forward to Burst mail!”

Bethany Horning
1st grade teacher

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For the kids

The world is a huge place with so much to do and discover! Encouraging stories and inspiring characters help children make sense of what’s going on around them.

At Burst we’re constantly asking ourselves: Do our stories encourage children to try new things, share what they have, or listen to their parents? Our goal is to inspire kids to grow in character and hope as they prepare to enter the world!

For the parents

Raising a family is hard. There are a million responsibilities to juggle, and no one is there to help make the job of parenting easier.

Burst wants to help. Our curated selection of timeless stories takes the guesswork out of growing your child’s library. And the best part? The books come to you!

Let’s take this journey together:

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